V-Day Survey

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!

Today is our dating anniversary. Chris tells me we don’t celebrate that anymore since we’re married…but those years still count (9!!).

I’m not a huge valentine’s day girl…. Every day Chris is the best… not just on Feb. 14th. 🙂


Here’s a fun little V-Day survey…

Who’s oldest?  Me (I’m 28 and he’s 27).

Who was interested first?  Not sure about who was interested at first. I think we both were… I think I definitely pursued it a few times whereas he was much more cautious…. I went in for the first kiss and got DENIED. 🙂

Same high school?  Yup.

Most sensitive?  I’m more sensitive for day to day things… he is more sensitive when it comes to babies, puppies or sad commercials/movies/tv shows. lol

Worst temper? For sure, me.

More social?  Contrary to popular belief… Chris is way more social than I am.

Hardest working? Chris.

More sarcastic?  Me.

Who makes the most mess? Chris, for sure. I may leave clothes on the floor… but Chris will leave dishes and crumbs on the counter. 😉

Wakes up first?  Me.

Bigger family?  Me.

Who cooks the most?  Me.

Who cries the most?  Me. Haha.

Better singer?  Me. 🙂 Sorry, Chris.

Hogs the remote?  Me… and he puts up with it so well.

Better driver? Chris is more cautious so I suppose that makes him better.

Better cook? Me.

Most patient?  Chris, 100%


Hope you have a great week!



Friday Favorites {11.11.16}

Hello beautiful people!

I finally have a couple minutes to check in on this little blog of mine and share some of my favorites lately…


Temecula. We have gone to Temecula, CA every fall for the past three or so years. We actually have been three times this year alone, but that’s besides the point.


This year, it was more of a family trip. So. Much. Fun.


Pure Barre. I have been doing this for a couple months and I LOVE IT. It’s such a refreshing change of pace compared to the workouts I’ve been doing for years and years… Unfortunately, I put my account on freeze for this month (because I’ll be gone for over half of it) … so I’m already looking forward to getting back into it in December.


Well, one of them… We will be back here (San Gimingnano, Italy) in a couple weeks. I cannot wait! I’m sure I’ll have more ‘favorite places’ after this trip is over.



I am a little ashamed to calculate how much money I have spent preparing for our upcoming European trip (sorry, Chris!). I needed new warm boots (and needed new Uggs anyway), a new winter jacket (hello 30 degree weather in Amsterdam!), new warm clothes, etc.

I would have to say that my new winter jacket is my favorite. I cannot wait to wear it. 🙂 And, what a steal!


Packing cubes. I read about them while searching for ideas on European packing (since the trips are so long) and found these! I can already tell they are going to save me a TON of room. Getting my suitcase under the 50lb weight limit is another story. Yikes. BUT!! I did swear last time we were lugging 4 suitcases and a couple bags onto our trains to and from places that I would pack lighter next time. I guess we will see.

Also – I can’t say this is a favorite just yet, but we bought this WINE CHECK. Because we WILL bring back wine and olive/truffle oil this time, dammit!


We also got a few of these wine skins. THEY ARE AMAZING.

Clearly, we are MUCH MORE PREPARED this time around. Because, you know, we don’t have a wedding to plan for. 🙂


This baby right here. Eyes closed, tongue out and cuddles. All is right with the world.


This weekend, we’ll be packing and CLEANING. There is NOTHING better than coming home to a clean house sans last-minute packing clutter. It just makes coming home a liiiiiittle bit easier.

Who knows if I’ll even make it back to the States this time. I am convinced that I should live in Italy. #WillWorkForWine 🙂

Talk soon!


Remember Me?

Gosh, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve written on this little space of mine… and I miss it! When I first started this blog, I was consumed by the food I was eating and how many calories I was burning… and… well, that’s just not my life anymore. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong. I still love working out and still am eating all the same things (basically). I am just not obsessed. And it’s such a good feeling. Consequently, I don’t have as much to talk about.

Day-to-day, my life is pretty much the same so blogging every day would get so.boring. That being said, we have done SO much since our Alaska trip (which feels like a year ago already). What have you guys been up to?

Let’s see….

We’ve done some #adulting… like getting new curtains…



And new lights.



Went to Zion National Park and beat the flash floods while hiking The Narrows.



Also conquered Angel’s Landing (for the third time) and swore NEVER AGAIN. #ButForRealThisTime


First time… and last time…


I surprised my step-dad for his 50th birthday at my sister’s college. We had such a fun, low-key weekend just hanging out.






Attended our friends’ wedding in Green Bay (with my favorite wedding date).




Stopped weight lifting and running and started Pure Barre instead. ❤

Planned our entire Europe trip. Started a countdown. And since my husband is the best, he’s letting me go back to San Gimignano. My fav. LOTS of wine to be had. 🙂


Gearing up for our Temecula weekend in a couple weeks!

Celebrating our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary this weekend. You better believe I will be reminiscing and probably watching our wedding video no less than 5 times. #SorryNotSorry.



So… yeah. That’s life lately. ❤

I’ll be back, soon!

Alaska <3

This post is a few weeks overdue. Whoops. Let me preface this post by saying, this was NOT your typical vacation. We were up with the sun most days so we could see the views going into each port. I don’t think I have ever slept so little on a vacation, haha. Totally worth it.

Also, I totally packed many things I didn’t need and not enough things I did need. I assumed we’d be dressing up for dinners, but in reality… I lived in workout clothes most the time. People did NOT dress up on this ship. I also did not have enough warm clothes, so I wore my green jacket pretty much every day. Whatever.

I have always wanted to go to Alaska. Never did I envision that trip would be on a cruise… but it was amazing. And being able to spend an entire week with my whole family was something I will never forget. I am so grateful that we were able to do this. So, so grateful. This was definitely a trip of a lifetime and so much better than I imagined.


We flew into Seattle late Friday night… checked into our hotel and planned a breakfast date the next morning. Duh. We went to Tilikum Cafe… and liked it SO much (their coffee was the best, ever) that we went back the next day. So good!





We explored downtown Seattle on Saturday and then met up with the rest of the family for dinner.


Next stop… NORWEGIAN PEARL! Sunday morning, Chris and I went to breakfast… and then met up with the family to board. The process was pretty smooth… and it was exciting to be on a ship with unlimited food and drinks. The beeeessst.




I can’t really remember what we did that day. All I know is there there was a lot of drinking involved. Pretty much the whole week.

I think the first day at sea, Chris and I did a wine tasting. Which was awesome. I loved everything I tried…we met a group of people from Texas who we ran into the rest of the trip AND got a healthy buzz.. 🙂







Our first stop was Juneau. Chris and I planned to hike a couple miles up Mount Roberts trail and then take the tram down. But first, we had to watch the ship enter the harbor… duh. And clearly, as you can tell by my outfit… it was chilly.






Once we got into port. We walked through Juneau and found our hike. It was mostly through a forest (up a mountain)… but the views at the top did NOT disappoint.



We might have had a family dinner this night?


But all the days blur together.


Next stop was Skagway. AKA, my favorite. The town was adorable and our hike was top three hikes I’ve ever done. We hiked Upper Dewey Lake and then made our way to the Devil’s Punchbowl. The hike was pretty challenging (around a 3800 vertical I think? over the course of around 4 miles)… but once you got to Devil’s Punchbowl, it was like another world.








Once we got to the Punchbowl, we saw it was completely frozen. Incredible.


Chris had my camera, which is why there are so many pictures of me hiking and none of him. Haha.

Next on our itinerary was Glacier Bay! Honestly, I was the least excited for this (because we stayed on the ship the whole time). But it was pretty neat. We saw a good amount of whales AND we saw a couple glaciers cave. We wore our family shirts this day, too. 🙂



Unlimited mimosas made it even better… Because we were out on the deck around 5AM to get prime spots… and then sat in the same spot for about 12 hours.





Day after Glacier Bay was… KETCHIKAN! My favorite town on the trip.


Chris and I convinced my family to hike Deer Mountain. Which was no joke of a hike. Literally felt like it took FOREVER and had a pretty decent ascent to the top… about 3200 vertical and about 6 miles round trip from the trail head.


It was legit through an Alaskan rainforest. Incredible. The views at the top were also incredible.



We even had time to explore the town for an hour before we had to be back on the boat. I had the best-ever fish and blue moon post hike.



(That humidity did a number on our hair!)

Our final stop…

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Which was a beautiful, clean city. And the residential area was super adorable. I would live there, for sure.


Sister was old enough to order drinks in Canada… so we walked the town amongst bar hopping. It was one of my favorite memories from the trip. Spending a full week with my sister and family was seriously one of the best blessings.





There are so many more pictures… and so many memories. I will always hold this trip so, so close to my heart.

Leaving the family was TOUGH. One of the toughest times I’ve had. Poor Chris… I cried the whole next day.

In between cry sessions, we did manage to have a fun last day in Washington. We visited Mount Rainier. We thought about hiking, but all the short hikes were still snow covered. Plus, we had a plan to catch that evening…



Sunglasses to hide the puffy eyes. 🙂

And now, after recapping that… I want to go back. 😦 The only thing keeping me going is that we BOOKED our next Europe trip! So, I have been enjoying planning that. I have decided I always need a trip to look forward to. 🙂


If we were having coffee…

Hey let’s catch up! Life has been BUSY lately… but there’s ALWAYS, always, always time for coffee. Am I right?

…If we were having coffee… I would probably tell you about our first “housewarming” party we had (in which my mom was in town and I made her do all the cooking)… I’d try and pawn off some beer because we have so much leftover.  If you weren’t there (but you probably were because we’re tight), then I would tell you how I am so thrilled with our new paint choices. No more maroon wall!



… I’d tell you all about the surprise 60th birthday party we threw for my stepmom a couple weekends ago. I’d give you the rundown how my sister in and law and I took her out for the day and that spending the day with both of them was so fun. Of course, there was wine.


I’d also suggest that all your future parties need to have big, gold mylar balloons. Worth every penny.



…I’d probably show you a couple of Meatball photos and videos. He’s loving his new yard to roam around in… and drinking the pool water… and naps on the big comfy couch during the day. Basically, he’s living the life.




…I would definitely mention our hummingbird feeder (a wedding gift from a dear co-worker)…because I have been obsessed with hummingbirds ever since I could remember. I’ve been thinking… if i ever were to get a tattoo… a small hummingbird would be it.

…I might mention our upcoming trips… our Alaskan cruise with my family in June AND our Zion Canyon hiking trip in July. I am so excited for both of them. If we were chatting over coffee, I’d show you the new hiking shoes I bought for both occasions and recommend that if you’re looking for new trail shoes. THESE are insanely comfortable. I plan to test them out for a run this week.

Anyway, we’re hiking the Narrows in Zion. This is what it looks like. 🙂



… I’d tell you that I am finally on the snapchat bandwagon. It only took a couple years. 😉 If you want to see mostly videos and pictures of Meatball with the occasional selfie, I’m “shortstuffcourt” on there.


^The best filter, ever. Can I wear a flower crown all day, everyday?

…I would tell you how much I LOVE (love, love) my new morning routine. I wake up, work out for about a half hour, come back and shower…drink coffee… straighten up the house and/or do laundry and cuddle a little bit with my baby. I am awake for a good three hours before I leave for work and it.is.magical. I feel so productive.


Currently {April 2016}

Hey, let’s catch up.

Currently reading…

Confess. It was pretty good.

Now I’m on to…When Breath Becomes Air.

Currently listening to… 

Die a happy man. I loooove this song.

Current guilty pleasure…

Shopping. Buying all the things. Moving into a place is so expensive. You want to change things and buy new furniture, etc. Luckily, we have saved all the gift cards from my Bridal Shower (about a year ago!) and are working on using them all up. It’s been fun. We’ve bought new pots and pans, new dishes, counter stools, a new vacuum.

You know you’re old when… you’re excited over a vacuum. (But I can’t wait to use it!)

Current nail color…

Nothing. 😦

Currently drinking…

Perrier lime sparkling water. Because I have a problem. Hi, my name is Courtney and I am addicted to Sparkling Water (all kinds).

Currently eating…

A salad with roasted sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, dried cranberries, chicken and cherry tomatoes. It’s amazing.

Currently watching.

Well I have been watching a lot of Netflix, because we just got out DirectTV set up yesterday.

Currently needing…

To find a Doggie Day Care in our area that is as amazing as the one we were using in Scottsdale. They sent me this the day we moved.


To go back to Europe.


Currently wishing for…

The weekend. I am looking forward to a restful yet productive weekend. Also looking forward to hanging out by the pool on the chaise lounge chairs we bought last weekend. Horray!


(While our pool was filling up… We had to drain in order to convert to salt water.)

Currently celebrating…

Owning a house!


Current bane of my existence…

Well, early April it was eating on paper plates. They are the worst.

Now it’s these walls that are being painted next week.


Currently crushing on…

My shoe rack. Is that an acceptable answer?


Currently (wish I was ) indulging in…

Wine. And brushetta. And fro yo. (and a throwback to a couple weekends ago in Sedona.)


Currently thankful for…

All our blessings… Health, happiness, a beautiful home… all the things.

Also, the amazing people that helped us move and unpack.


Current slang…

How about one that I hate? BAE.

Currently wearing…

Light ripped jeans, a long blouse and booties.

Currently excited for..

So many fun things on the horizon.

Currently feeling…

Blessed. And hungry. Hungry is a feeling, right?

What is CURRENTLY happening with you?